On the Road Again

I know what you are thinking and yes, I am fully aware that I have been a super lame blogger lately. But in my defense I have had the busiest summer yet.  
I started my summer in Texas for 3 weeks. {It was amazing!}
Right when I got home from Texas I headed to girls camp.
A few days after girls camp I left to cheer camp for 4 days.
Whew....I have been a busy woman.
 And now,1 day after cheer camp, we are heading to Tahoe for the week.
And so I will be on the road......yet again.

Be excepting a lot of blog updates as soon as I get back. I'll be sure to catch you all up on my summer adventures. :)

Call Me Maybe

Yes. The rumors are true. I finally have a cellular device! Yes, I know I'm way back on the times but I finally have one now! And yes, go ahead and do a little celebration dance for me. :)


Here Comes the Sun

My life is starting to slow down and  eighth grade is over!!! Making me an official freshman.
Two weeks ago the eighth graders went on a Warrior Clan trip to Lagoon and it was a blast. Roller
coasters are my favorite. Who doesn't like screaming their guts out?

This past week the eighth graders took a trip to the Logan Fun Zone. Good times. :)
{the photo booth at the fun zone}

The weather is warming up and I am loving it. Summer couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Green fields and mountain sides are every where I look.

I am now just patiently waiting for the excitement of summer break to begin. My summer plans include:
 Cheer practices and cheer camp.
 {Trying} to get back in shape. Which is my least favorite thing to do.
My biggest addiction in life. Pinterest.
Staying up late and waking up in the afternoon.
So You Think You Can Dance. This season is going to be awesome!!!
 A trip to Texas to visit Max, Natalie, and Brittin.
 A Greenwood reunion in Tahoe again.

I am ridiculously excited for my summer break to get started!!!


Peter Pan

This last semester the Middle School has been working on the musical Peter Pan. I was a pirate and an indian for the play. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad I got to be a part of something so amazing!!! I made a lot of new friends doing the play and I couldn't have enjoyed it any more.

Hannah and I.


Time With Brittin

 With Bryce getting married Natalie and Brittin got to come and visit again. (Max wasn't able to come because he had a test.)
I sure missed my favorite little girl so much. She has grown up so much the past few months and is getting so big!!! I spent every minute I could with her. Whether it was blowing bubbles, reading books to her, or chasing her around the  house.



I sure do love her. :)


Wedding Bells

The first week in May Bryce and Kimmy got married!!! 
I have a new sister. The more sisters the better. :)
It was a great day and I enjoyed all of the wedding festivities. :)

Here are a few snaps from the weekend:

Family. {-Max}

He's a pretty lucky brother. :)



I'm Back

I have been pretty busy these past weeks and an un-updated blog has been the result. I promise I will do better. { I can only say that because my life is slowing down.} Between the play, the wedding, family visiting, and school I have been pretty busy compared to normal. But be expecting a rush of blog updates soon. Yes. You should be excited.:)